Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park
Current Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) and Particulate (PM2.5) Conditions
Graphic showing the approximate location and shape of the Kilauea Summit and Pu'u 'O'o sulfur dioxide gas plumes as based on wind direction measurements.
The map above indicates the approximate direction and extent of the volcanic gas plumes (yellow wedges) from Halema'uma'u and Pu'u O'o. Within the plumes are unhealthy concentrations of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and small particles (PM2.5). Color-coded health advisories (color circles or label boxes) are issued when the plumes affect surface areas.
Warning symbol Sulfur dioxide gas plumes cross roads near Halema`uma`u and low on Chain of Craters Road. Sensitive individuals should limit exposure in these areas.
Today's Advisory History
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12:00am 6:00am 12:00pm 6:00pm 11:45pm
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  Air Quality Conditions
  Sulfur Dioxide Advisory Level
   Jul 1, 2015  •  2:30 AM HST
 Good   Moderate   Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups   Unhealthy   Very Unhealthy   Hazardous 
  Particulate Advisory Level
   Jul 1, 2015  •  2:30 AM HST
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  Wind Direction
North Northeast 
  Wind Speed
4 mph ( 1.7 m/s ) 
  Jul 1, 2015  •  2:30 AM HST
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